It was our first wedding shoot in Radisson Blu Alibaug and little did we know that reaching the venue from Bangalore would mean taking a Cab, Plane, Auto, Ferry and a Bus! Maybe we should have used the Mumbai local just to add it to this exciting list ;) And just like the journey, the wedding of Shaili & Mahesh ((What a fun couple!) has been incredible.

If there is one word that defines the two of them ,it is that they are “Foodies”. They were very clear from the start that their dream wedding would be a culinary experience for all the guests travelling from all parts of the world, that they would never forget, including us! Their beautiful wedding was planned around the food and F5 Weddings played a major role in making their dream a reality.

Two events that we have never shot before and were a highlight for us were -

Day 1 - Masterchef Event

Based on the popular TV Series , the venue was converted into a Masterchef Kitchen and the guests were divided up into teams. Each team had to pick a table which had a basket on with various mystery ingredients inside. Braais were set up, mini cooking and frying stations and even a pantry was created. Teams needed to make two dishes, one that the chef taught them right there and the other one on their own were tasted by the “judges” (Shaili & Mahesh :) ) The teams went out of their way to make such creative dishes. It was a lovely idea for the guests to mingle and have fun :)

DAY 2 - Mehndi with Hot Sauce

This is where the tastebuds were put to test and the friends and family took up the hot sauce challenge where every round involved eating one small dollop of hot sauce with nachos without spitting or eating anything else. With every round the sauce got more spicy and more fun !

Their wedding was beautifully unique, and a decidedly unconventional celebration of life, love, food, friends and family.