The Beauty Of A White Wedding In The Heart Of Spain!


Love knows no borders, no language and no religion. And weddings are proof that happiness is possible, only if you lean into it, create it and evolve with it. A wedding that’s most special to our hearts is here, one that makes us believe that anything is possible only if you set your sights on it - this quaint and simple one I  had the opportunity to photograph in Madrid (Spain), the city that took away our breath. 

Right from the simple white wedding dress to the gay abandon the couple came with, the twinkling eyes of the loved ones as they walked down the aisle to the lavender-infused bridal bouquet - so much to take in. What caught my eye was the blushing bride all wrapped up in love and crushed satin with bright purple heels and a flower crown that’s more than just an accessory - it added sparkle to her personality. 

First things first - it was a beautiful rustic venue Fianca Najaraya, in a barn of sorts and held just 50 chairs, overlooking the green plains. The hues were green and earthy - with succulents and wildflowers strewn about carelessly, but in a beautiful organised way. The colours were gently set against the sunlight streaming in, and you could just smell the air, in all it’s summery glory.

I must say, small things stood out for me - the smells, the bright light, the subtle sighs and the sweet smiles. Overlooking the valley, this one’s all about earthy elements colluding with contemporary decor - the simplicity in this wedding added so much charm.

If there were a few things I learnt from this wedding, it’s these:


  1. That simplicity and effortlessness can make any wedding the most beautiful one. 

  2. Music is not just an accessory, it’s the life of the party and we must give it more time and effort as we size up the wedding

  3. When it comes weddings: size matters. Fewer people can mean a more personal celebration. 


The intimacy in this wedding just blew my mind. Small, controlled, real bunch of loved ones that really made all the difference. As I walked away from this beautiful Madrid wedding, I could only look back at the culture and what makes this beautiful union better - the way the families enjoyed and cherished music and food, things we completely take for granted!
Lessons learnt, armed with ideas, we set out on our way!