When one blends the traditions of a tam-bram wedding, relaxed comfort and playfulness of the bride-groom, enigmatic natural setting, joy of family and fun by friends, you get a unique fusion which defined the marriage of Mukund and Shruti - Mushu!

One thing that catalysed the destination wedding celebrations was the picturesque natural setting of Ibnii in Coorg, with trees, greenery and loving swans, like our own love birds Mushu, gently flowing into every aspect of the wedding. The fun had by elders and youth alike in the outdoor magical setting, sometimes sprinkled with games and activities, shone through in every moment of the wedding, as evident from their smiles - it looked like a fairy tale setting with greenery, smiles and tranquility all around.

The bonding of friends spilled from all the pre-functions to the classy cocktail party where champagne flowed and everyone danced as if there is no tomorrow! The uniqueness of the

wedding flowed into the Mehendi function too with the groom rocking a khaki shorts and the bride looking ethereal in an elegant green dress. The Sangeet setting was again nature inspired with a white wooden chairs and a green backdrop against which the bride sparkled in a beautiful off shoulder silver and pink outfit by Jade - Monica and Karishma. There was fun, dance and singing galore.

The comfort of the bride and groom was evident when the groom hovered in the backdrop when the bride was getting ready. It was as if Mushu’s romance was gently graduating into marital bliss. The true aspect of the tam-bram wedding came across in the rituals but again with a natural twist since it was blessed by the trees and elders alike, and flowers adorned the hair of all women. The traditional Kanjeevaram green and fuchsia saree of the bride was breathtaking and the groom looked at ease in his traditional attire. The backdrop was complete with a traditional band. There were many tender moments like when the bride was sitting in her fathers lap as part of the ceremony.

The culmination of the wedding ceremony was the family pose which glowed with love and affection, the underlying theme of Mushu’s eternal bond.