Beach side Photo shoot

Emerald hills and turquoise seas

Endless canvas brushed with trees

That sway so gently in the hue

Of watercolor azure blue

- Douglas J. Olsen

Sun kissed sands, the rising and falling waves, Turquoise skies and the cool breeze playing with your locks and filling up the air with romance. The beach provides the perfect setting for romantic outdoor shoots and tends to bring out the playful and fun loving side of couples. One look at the beach side pictures and you can feel the sizzling chemistry and the comfort level this couple shares. Love is about walking hand in hand , whether down the shore or through the ups and downs of life and sometimes just being silly and crazy together. Other times its about supporting each other while chasing your dreams.

The beach brought out the fun loving and romantic side of the couple as they chased the waves together, walked down the shore hand in hand, posed with their arms wrapped around each other in a warm embrace of love. Their outfits complimented the settings as the two kept it casual chic in a strappy white striped playsuit and a cool blue shirt and white trousers.

For the indoor shoot at the resort, we used something as simple as a bathtub as a prop to capture the intimacy the couple shares. The two look so much in love as they pose hugging each other all dressed up. The two looked stunning in a fitted black dress and a dapper suit. Using the bed as a prop brought out some playful and loving moments as the two cuddled together and got cozy.

Priyanka looked absolutely stunning in a halter black floor length maxi dress as the two posed amidst the lush green lawns outside the beach front resort. The two look so much in love and we wish this lovely a life filled with romance and happiness.