“They say that marriages are made in heaven. While they happen on earth, they are still heavenly, if the setting is breathtaking and the precious moments are captured beautifully for posterity so that the magic can be relived again and again.” It gives us immense joy to be part of yet another wedding in the family within a span of a year! Last year we covered Nitisha & Yuvraj’s beautiful wedding and when we were asked to shoot her brother’s wedding, we were nothing less than thrilled !

Every love story is unique in it’s own right and Gitansh and Nikhita’s is no different. Their’s is a fairytale with a 21st century spin. After first meeting her at his senior’s wedding, they spoke for months on Instagram. Finally, getting her number after six (long) months of testing the waters, he called Nikhita up, and the rest is history.

As the first rays of sunlight filtered in through the intricate windows of the Jaibagh palace, the whole atmosphere changed almost immediately. In it’s own although a marvel, with the decorations put up for Gitansh and Nikhita’s wedding, the palace looked straight out of a fairytale. Their wedding, held in one of India’s most beautiful cities, was truly one of a kind grand affair. Fondly and aptly called the pink city, Jaipur captivates and mesmerises anyone who steps in. It has a certain old world charm that strikes the perfect balance of elegance and flamboyance, and of course it’s palaces are the metaphorical cherry on the (wedding) cake.

In tune with the aesthetic of the city, the decor of their Mehndi ceremony was fuchsia, fondly called ‘rani pink’ — and rightly so, since it is fit for royalty, woven with stunning marigold, the kind seen on blossoming sunflowers. Add to this, the colour coordinated attire worn by the ‘dholak’ guys and Rajasthani handicrafts decorating the palace, gave the wedding a raw magical setting.

A big fat Indian wedding is incomplete without some ‘naach’, ‘gaana’ and some family bonding. This could be witnessed in full glory during the ‘baarat’ where Gitansh rode in a chariot with glittering lamps while spectacular fireworks lit up the sky. Giving him company and enjoying every bit of attention, was his nephew seated with him on the chariot. While walking down the aisle, under the ornate ‘phoolon ki chaadar’, towards her to-be husband, Nikhita, was a picture of resplendence in her red ‘lehenga’ and ‘jadau’ jewellery.

One could only admire the chemistry of the couple after taking just a single look at their candid pictures. Their light teasing and playful nature throughout proved just how comfortable they were with each other and how much they were looking forward to a life of wedded bliss.

This wedding had all the ingredients to make a melting pot of happiness, love, affection and the coming together of families and friends to bring warmth in the chilly Jaipur air.

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