8 Bangalore Couple Shoot Locations you can't afford to skip!

The Wedding day is undeniably one of the most significant days in a person’s life, and so is the journey leading up to it. This journey must be captured and cherished, wouldn’t you agree? Sometimes, all you need is simply some tucked-away locations and a sprinkle of magic with the camera. Over the years I’ve uncovered locations that are gems where you should seriously consider getting your Couple Shoot done.

Let us show you some pretty locations for a photo-shoot, where maybe you will fall in love, all over again.

1.  Sommer House
With the perfectly peaceful surroundings and a vintage setting, this one is for those wanting to try out something exotic. Sommer House, Bangalore, is the snug place you would want to check out. With vintage cars and decorations and that elegantly beautiful bungalow, this adds that gorgeous old world charm to your shoot.

Sommer House Couple shoot 1Plus1 Studio2.jpg

2. Windsor Manor
Do you want your pictures to scream of grandeur and elegance? Windsor Manor, a 5 Star Hotel, is your place for a luxurious pre-wedding photo-shoot. With you and your photographer exploring the glamour of the beautifully constructed place, this might just create some of the best souvenirs for you and your lover.

3. Good Ol' Lalbagh
Who says you can’t have an atypical fairytale photoshoot? Think of scenic views and exquisite flowers, lush greenery, large expansive lakes as well as a relaxing ambience. Lalbagh or Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, offers exactly this and oozes of romance.

4. Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple
Linger at and explore a historical or religious place while your photographer captures some masterpieces. Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple, dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva, offers for a pious environment and hence a good start for your journey ahead. A pre-wedding shoot which gives off this vibe, interests one and all. Located at the base of Nandi Hills, it is evidently very picturesque.


5.  Elements Resort
A gorgeous place outside the chaos of the city, which provides with greenery, starlit halls and amazing customisable décor. They make for a riveting stay and also provide for a perfect backdrop for your pre-wedding photographs. Elements Resort's beauty is synonymous with the description of heaven, with unique designs to offer for weddings and photoshoots.

6. Satori
The possibilities are essentially limitless, but a place that is secluded and untouched, AND with you being comfortable with each other, will give you a chance for some epic photos. Satori, a farmhouse in Whitefield, offers you things which makes your shoot extraordinary. Landscaped gardens, with being close to nature, and the vast open space, result in mesmerising photographs which you will look at ten years from now and adore.


7. Bricklane Grill

A cozy place that truly reflects everything you are and how you love, is the best location for a photoshoot, according to us. How about that Café where you first met? Relive those memories, smile like you did when you first realized they are the one, and create a perfect photo album. Bricklane Grill provides the perfect ambiance and everything about it is just so personalized, genuine, and beautiful.


8. A Makalidurga trek
For the couples who are nature lovers or adrenaline junkies, nothing could be better than a trek route. The route, in a way resonates with their journey to their wedding as well. Makalidurga is a perfect location, situated just 60 kilometres on the outskirts of Bangalore. The lake surrounding it, the railway track passing through the base of the hill and the enchanting view of the sunset from the top - all provide respite to the adventurous couples and also are a photographer's dream come true.

Makalidurga couple shoot 1Plus1 Studio-2.jpg

Wonderfully capture the journey to your wedding in locations which resonate with you. These photographs would take you back to the beautiful days of your lives and make them stay with you forever.